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Custom ROM Samsung Galaxy young 2 GNU-ROM v2.0 with AROMA Installer

Aroma Feature's:

  • ROM Installation selection
  • Messaging Selection (stock Touchwiz, AOSP)
  • File Manager Selection
  • KeyBoard Selection
  • Bootanimation (Stock, CM11, MIUI, Black Ops)
  • Google App Selection
  • Samsung App Selection

Base Rom Feature's:
  • Based off My Deodexed XXANA1
  • Bash, BusyBox, Sqlite3, Init.d Support
  • Custom Bootanimation Support
  • Added Font Emoji Support
  • Added Custom Extended Power/Reboot Menu
  • Enabled All Rotations 360*
  • Enabled Call/Message Blocking
  • Add Ink Effect Color Picker
  • Disabled Scrolling Cache
  • Disabled Signature checks
  • Removed Google Chrome, Google+, Hangout, CapabilityManagerServices
 Foto Nanang Uzuumaki Riyadi.

GNU-ROM™ Feature's:

Color Options
  • Option to Set System Background Color and/or Gradient Type
  • Option to Set System Background Image and Transparency
  • Option to Set StatusBar Color and/or Gradient Type
  • Option to Set Notification Color and/or Gradient Type
  • Option to Set Dropdown Header Color
  • Option to Set Toggle Color and/or Gradient Type
  • Option to Set Brightness Slider Background Color
  • Option to Set Clear button Background Color
  • Option to Set Notification/Ongoing Headers Color
  • Option to Set Notification Items Color
  • Option to Set Drag Bar Handle Background Color
  • Option to Set Clock Color, Dropdown Clock Color, Date Color
  • Option to Set Battery Icon Color, Battery Text, BatteryBar Color
  • Option to Set Wifi Icon Color, Signal Color, Settings Button Color
  • Option to Set Notification icons Color, Notification Text Color, Ticker Text Color, Carrier Color, Drag Bar Color
  • Option to Set Ongoing Color, Traffic Color
  • Option to Set Phone Text Color, secondary text color, in app button text color, popup header color, in app list text color
  • Option to Set Power menu text Color, Settings Text Color, Toast Text Color
  • Option to Set Power Menu Color, OverScroll Color, CheckBox Color, Switch Color
  • Option to Set Launcher Indicator Color
  • Option to Set Weather Widget Background Color
  • Option to Set Custom Drawer color
  • Option to Set Power toggles icon & text color
  • Option to Set Diagram Line, Text, BG color
Clock, Notification Panel, StatusBar, Toggles, Recent
  • Option to Pick Between 25 styles of Statusbar/Dropdown
  • Enable/Disable Tablet UI
  • Option to Set Clock Position, Am/pm Style, Date, Clock second
  • Option to Set Dropdown date Format & shortclick/longclick action
  • Option to Set Dropdown clock Style (Normal, Digital, Analog, Analog with Second)
  • Option to Brightness Slider, Ongoing Tile, Notifications Tile, No Notifications Tile
  • Option to Set Custom Carrier Text
  • Option to Set Custom Image as Notification Panel, Header, CLose Drag Handle Background and transparency
  • Option to select Custom Battery (more than 60 icons)
  • Option to select Analog Clock Icon (more than 250 icons)
  • Option to hide Ime Icon, Alarm Icon, Bluetooth Icon, Sound Icon
  • Option to hide/display Network Speed
  • Option to pick Signal Icon Type (more than 80 icons)
  • Option to pick Data Icon Type (3G, H, H+, LTE, etc)
  • Option to Set Custom Image as StatusBar Background and transparency
  • Option to Pick Between 12 styles of Toggles on the Fly
  • Option to hide/display toggle text, toggle indicator
  • Option to set number of toggles in view
  • Option to auto collapse dropdown after selecting toggle
  • Option to Pick Between 3 styles of Recent Panel (Stock, Framed, Sense Style)
  • Added Ram Progress Bar & Ram Linear Bar to Recent Panel
  • Added Diagram Lava Iris to Dropdown
Extended Power Menu Options
  • Option to Hide/Show Data Toggle
  • Option to Hide/Show Airplane Toggle
  • Option to Hide/Show Accesibility Shortcut
  • Option to Hide/Show Power Off Toggle
  • Option to Hide/Show Restart Menu
  • Option to Hide/Show Sound Mode Toggles
  • Option to Hide/Show Screenshot Toggle
  • Option to Hide/Show Safemode Toggle
  • Option to Hide/Show Recovery Toggle
  • Option to Hide/Show Download Toggle
Phone Mods
  • Auto Call Recording For incoming/outgoing calls toggle
  • Enable/Disable Record Button/Add Call Button In Phone
  • Option to enable/disable increasing Ringtone
  • End Call Delay Timeout Picker
  • Option to show/hide Recording info/toast
Launcher Mods
  • Add options to pick Launcher indicator styles
  • Enable/Disable Launcher rotation
  • Enable/Disable Scrolling wallpaper
  • Enable/Disable Tilt Effect
  • Enable/Disable Page looping
  • Enable/Disable Edit mode
Weather Widget Mods
  • Options to choose weather widget layout styles
  • Options to choose weather widget icons
Browser Mods
  • Enable/Disable Edge Zoom
  • Enable/Disable Home Buttun
  • Enable/Disable Exit Button
  • Enable/Disable prompt exit browser
LockScreen Mods
  • Add swipe effect on lockscreen (more than 15 effects)
  • Add AOSP Lockscreen, Acer, Honeycomb, BB10, Lezo, Optimus, Rotary, Xperia Z & ZTE Lockscreen
  • Option to select AOSP Lock Image
  • Option to enable/disable Aosp Lockscreen Vibration
  • Option to turn ink effect on/off
  • Option to Select Custom Ink Effect Color
  • Option to Enable Quick Pin/Password Unlock
  • Option to Enable/Disable Lockscreen Sounds
  • Option to Enable/Disable Lockscreen Rotation
  • Option to show/hide statusbar on Lockscreen
  • Option to Set Custom Lockscreen Carrier Text
General Mods
  • Home Key Double Click Intent Action
  • Listview Animation Style Picker
  • Listview Animation Type Picker
  • Dialog Popup Type Toggle
  • LongPress Menu To Kill Toggle
  • Enable/Disable Dual Panel Settings
  • Enable/Disable 360* Rotation
  • Enable/Disable Custom Android Version
  • Enable/Disable Low Storage Notification
  • Enable/Disable USB Connect Sound
  • And many more...

Download Link:

Mediafire Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8f4o7gqc3oc2yma/royss_signed_122114_011303.zip

Size: 832.8MB

MD5Sum: 70796f99faf931f27be9cd3c3cc1ed5f

Another mirror's not allowed without my permissions!!!

Install Instruction's
  1. Backup, Backup, Backup !!!
  2. Put downloaded ROM to extSdCard
  3. Make Sure You Have CWM Recovery
  4. Turn off the phone and reboot into recovery (by pressing volume up, home, and power simultaneously)
  5. Select Install ZIP from sdcard then choose "royss_signed_122114_011303.zip"
  6. Reboot phone
  7. After booting, open GNU-ROM™ Control -> Misc -> Reboot
  8. Done


Kalo install LINE sebaiknya dibackup dulu via Titanium Backup lalu di uninstall, soalnya setelah install ROM biasanya FC. Atau uninstall dulu.. setelah install ROM baru install lagi

Masukin Game dan aplikasi kamera ke blacklist app di system theming

- Fix System Theming: https://www.mediafire.com/?gx8rcim8gy3wmjc (Harus diinstall)
- Install via CWM

- Fix SystemUI (in progress...) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/q3b4r86jnmw24pb/Fix%20sementara.zip?dl=0
- Extract lalu copy ke /system/app
- Hanya 1 layout dan bisa didecompile, signal blm dicustom

  • Every boot is finished, statusbar takes a more time before it appears

Allah SWT
Goldie for awesome guide
amarullz for AROMA Installer
Mirko ddd
Adi Aisiteru Reborn
Maybe More if i forgot u let me know and i will add you!


Q: Based firmware yang mana gan?
A: XXANA1 Spain (Yoigo) (Black Edition) 2014 July, http://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/download/32722/S6310XXANA1_S6310YOGANA1_YOG.zip 

Q: Kalo pake firmware selain xxana1, seperti dxame, dxami, bisa gk?
A: Bisa, langsung aja pilih di aroma menu'y. Klo ada bugs baru install lagi rom'y via aroma pilih yg Custom Install

Q: Odex bisa gk?
A: Bisa

Q: Perlu wipe data, mount/umount system gk?
A: Gk perlu

Q: Kalau sebelumnya pernah install custom rom, bisa gk ditimpah?
A: Bisa

Q: Install via CWM yg mana? 
A: Pake CWM MAKJAS bisa, versi bisa, recommend pake CWM yg udah di Fix, link thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-young/general/tutorial-how-to-fix-cwm-reboot-loop-t2928046
Atau kalo mau yg bhs Indo bisa ke blog agan Kristian: http://parapembelajar.blogspot.com/2014/12/clockworkmod-6036-galaxy-young-s6310.html

Q: AROMA Installer itu apa om?
A: AROMA Installer adalah yang pertama dan satu-satunya instaler di dunia yang mendukung Touch screen dan Kustomisasi untuk ANDROID ROM. Lebih jelasnya: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1461712

Q: Semua Aplikasi / Game jadi force close atau gk fullscreen gimana fixnya???
A: - Masuk ke GNU-ROM™ Control -> System Theming -> System Background -> Application Blacklist for System BG trus centang/pilih aplikasi yg bermasalah
    - Masuk ke GNU-ROM™ Control -> System Theming -> ActionBar/App Header Background -> Application Blacklist for ActionBar BG trus centang/pilih aplikasi yg bermasalah



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